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Ancient India had no knowledge of

The weaver normally created as he desired, without any formal detailing in the design and the layout. The native Indian weaver had no constraints and preferred making non-repetitive designs. Each day he wove a bit of his life unto his loom just the way as it happened.

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Tantuvi collection 1
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smiriti morarka


Smriti Morarka initiated ‘Tantuvi’ (1993) which means ‘Weaver’ in sanskrit as an attempt to revive weaving traditions of Benares. She embarked upon a well thought out correction process by altering the maladies that had crept into this section while making adaptations and keeping the modern weaver in mind.

‘Tantuvi’ endeavors to provide a platform where the younger generation of the weaving community may learn with enthusiasm, from the elders, the method of the old and with pride, may make, weaving their preferred vocation.

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