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Thought by Vidyapati


Poetry onTextile-2

A well Adorned lass roams the weekly market
my friend, how beautiful she is
with her anklets and her coral necklace
my friend,how she walks enchanted
with her big toe rings and her round earrings
my friend, watch her tinkling walk
A sari round her waist, a jacket above
my friend, ask her where from she comes.
Her village jojohatu, her father Mangra
a poor home where they often go hungry.

The world is adorned with cotton, says sagu Munda
my friend, God the king blessed the earth with cotton
we sow and reap cotton
spin it long on the wheel
dye it red or yellow
my friend , any color you want.
Once that was for our forefathers
my friend, where is the cotton now?
It was the god given plant to purify the self
gone forever to the heavens above
shiver the nights through, bare bodied
warming sides before the fire.
The peacock did not buy this adornment
God bought it for him.
Is this beauty for the unclothed
who may never enter the palace?

                                                                                                                        - Sagu Munda.

Interesting Snippets

tantuvi tantuvi
tantuvi tantuvi
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