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Tantuvi which means 'weaver' in Sanskrit is an attempt to revive the dying
weaving traditions of Benares.

Brocade weaving  

These famed techniques of intricacy and delicacy were no longer in use since the weavers found them economically unfeasible. Having convinced the weavers to disclose these techniques used by their ancestors, the next step was to actually produce pieces with these techniques. Understandably the weavers were apprehensive about how customers would respond to these old weaving techniques. Another fear was that the fabrics would cost much more since the weaving required tremendous patience, painstaking labour and long hours thus increasing the selling price of the fabric. The weavers were very reluctant to begin with the project till assured patronage was available.

How to market these one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces and how to make the
consumer understand the difference between the ordinary and sublime
was a daunting task.


It was clear that such a discerning clientele could be found if only people knew enough about these textiles and demand could be created for these treasures. Thus Tantuvi came into being as an outlet in January 1998 to display the cream of Indian traditional weaves using ancient designs and historic ethnic patterns.

Tantuvi ensures that the weaver as an artist preserves and revives his
dying heritage and earns a comfortable livelihood.


It also ensures that the aesthetically inclined buyer has an opportunity to indulge her penchant for these beautiful woven works of art. It is true that Tantuvi pieces carry a premium but then you cannot find these in ordinary stores and boutiques. Then again, we believe, it is a very small price to pay for being able to preserve our age old heritage and weaving skills.

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tantuvi tantuvi
tantuvi tantuvi
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